Lutterman Sculpture & Pottery

biographical statement

Art for me is a balance of life, therapy, profession, and a passion that documents my journey.

Coming from Madelia, a small rural town in southern Minnesota. I enjoyed the unique upbringing of being raised on my family’s hobby farm. This farm was unique because it was more like a zoo with a couple hundred different pets. This upbringing continually influenced my creative thinking and ideas. I have gathered a great understanding of nature, animal behavior and continue to pursue more knowledge.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Master of Arts degree in Ceramics at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I received Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Kansas State University. Immediately after Graduating from KSU I was hired as the Facilities Director at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts. Currently I am employed as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maine at Augusta and Southern Maine Community College. I am currently living in Wiscasset, Maine, where my wife Lisa and I are raising two wonderful boys Tanner and Kole.

My life has always been centered on the appreciation and love of animals and nature, while being an artist. My Ceramic sculptural work is comparing inorganic objects with the ornate beauty of nature. Together giving a dichotomy that talks about the balance between the industrial man and our bio diverse population of organisms, fish, plants animals, habitat and nature in general. My work expresses the importance of preservation and being aware of your own personal disciplines to preserve this world. The work expresses the serenity of landscapes incorporated among the sculptural elements in the round. These sculptures incorporate the passion of painting, drawing and sculpture, elaborating on the impact of man and my own vision of the importance of our healthy environment. In addition, I am passionate about marine organisms, ecosystems and world under water.