Lutterman Sculpture & Pottery

artist statement

My work speaks about the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving and nourishing it. I create what is necessary for me to embrace the world around me and speak to the reasoning of self-discipline and preservation. My work deliberates about balance and dichotomy of our natural world and global concerns, while dealing with contemporary originality that reflect on historical, contemporary, and personal ideas.

While the inorganic and organic forms express the precariousness of the critical balance between man and nature, the surface treatment speak of optimistic views of memories, images, and thoughts about preservation of our natural resources and life.

The sculptural artwork primarily consists of slab building techniques, pinch built forms, textures, and hand carving. My wheel thrown work is altered to create a more interesting form with handles and spouts references animal horns and other animal influences. Some of the more recent wheel thrown forms reference birds and rhino’s. My work includes my passion of drawing, painting, sculpture, design, and concepts. The sculptural work are fired once to reach vitrification and then low fired for added colors. The wheel thrown work is fired to cone 6 oxidation.